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€35.00 Player

Player is a 9 font system that can be combined in different ways to create endless classic titling effects used commonly in old and made signage. Player’s layer combinations give you complete control in producing your design the way you prefer. Very fun to use, this font looks great in any kind of environment.


€20.00 Woodstik

Woodstik is a font based on the design of the rude wooden movable types,to witch I intended to add the clarity of digital type. Woodstik can be quite imposing and it can be used on any type of support. It comes along with a striped shadow, which adds a more fun and illustrative feeling, perfect when it comes to display purposes.


€25.00 Yorker

Yorker is all-caps based font, inspired in "old school" american style. It uses a layered sistem providing the possibility of different combinations of colos and different ways to be used with its spectacular six variations. Yorker is great to be used in headlines and t-shirts.